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Scalloping for the first time in Homosassa with Captain Jim Lemke

scallops in the water

scallop in the water

I went scalloping for the first time ever this July in Homosassa with Captain Jim Lemke. He took us out to several spots in about 3-5 feet deep water. Captain Jim was great he knew where all of the scallops were and did an amazing job of showing us how to locate the scallops in the grass and sandy areas.What was really nice was Captain Jim knew of the scalloping areas that many other people did not know about , so it seemed that it was just us out snorkeling and we had no other scallopers around. We reached our scallop limit right away.  Each time we stopped the boat we found more and more scallops. The experience was incredible. While we were snorkeling we saw so many different fish and creatures, beautiful shells, starfish and lots of fish and of course scallops.

Seeing Starfish why you scallop

After we reached our limit Captain Jim took us to the springs to cool off and relax for a little while.He also took us to Monkey Island and idled around so we could take pictures of the monkeys.On the way in we stopped to get our scallops cleaned made life a lot easier not having to clean 10 gallons of scallops on our own. Captain Jim really showed us a great time and I can not wait to go again next year. Thank You so much Captain Jim for being such an awesome guide and showing us a great time. Kelly

Capt. Jim Lemke


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