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Homosassa Scallop

Homosassa Scalloping


Homosassa Scalloping – Homosassa Scalloping is probably one of the most fun family activities for anyone who likes to swim. On your scalloping charter in Old Homosassa you will see a part of old Florida that most people don’t get to experience. The journey begins on the Homosassa River. The 7 mile ride down the river to the pristine Gulf waters is worth the experience in itself. This is a part of Florida that is almost gone. We call it Old Florida an area that is virtually untouched by development.

On your journey you will take in the beautiful sites of Cypress Trees and Saw Grass Marshes. You will get a glimpse of nature most city folk only dream about. On your journey down one of Florida’s oldest waterways you will see all sorts of wildlife like Osprey’s, Pelicans, and Herons will be out looking for the day’s meal. The gentle Manatee will be taking a slow swim up and down the river you may even see a Dolphin or two looking for that school of Mullet to feed on.As you make your way out into the Gulf of Mexico the salt air will refresh you and the anticipation will build as we head to the fertile scalloping grounds. In water from just 2 to 6 feet deep the scallops can be found in abundance. As you are harvesting the scallops you will also get to experience the sights of what lives on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico like Corals and Sponges that dot the sea floor in between the plush sea grass beds.

Homosassa Osprey

Homosassa Osprey

Scalloping in Homosassa is an Adventure!  All you need to scallop is you simply float along the waters surface across the prestine grass flats in 4-6 feet of water, enjoying the various fish, plants and coral until you spot those  blue “eyes” of the bay scallop’s. Than grab a breath and take a shallow dive down then placing your hand around the scallop and place it in your mesh bag.