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Scallop Ceviche Recipe

Scallop Ceviche


  • Red, Yellow, Orange Sweet Peppers
  • Red & White Onions
  • Fresh Cilantro
  • Tomatoes (seeded)
  • Fresh Jalapenos
  • Raw Scallops
  • Key Lime Juice or Lemons

Clean you peppers and onion and prepare to finely chop or use a food processor.  Take the tomatoes and remove the seeds. Then chop tomatoes.  Clean the jalapenos

Scallop Ceviche Recipe

chop with or without seeds depends on how spicy you like you food.  Try to remove the stems from the Cilantro and lightly chop.  The ratio of scallops to veggies needs to be equal.  Lightly chop the scallops like the veggies.  Mix all items together.  Now either squeeze fresh key limes or lemons.  I take the easy way and use Key West Key Lime Juice.  I would start with ½ cup juices first if it doesn’t moisten all the scallops and veggies add more.  Stir until everything is moist.  When the scallops are finely chopped it should only take about 1 to 2 hours to cook the scallops.  Once the scallops turn white and opaque the mixture is ready.  You can serve on tortilla chips or club crackers.   We like to put a little crystal hot sauce on the mixture once it is on the cracker or tortilla chips.  Enjoy : )

Brought to you by  Homosassa Scalloping Charters

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